Enterprise exclusive Carmi consignment platform

89 K+

Number of transactions

The platform system has complete functions, and tens of thousands of users trust the choice

7 K+

Settled merchant

To provide merchants with one-stop virtual goods online purchase and automatic delivery

5 Year

Steady operation

The platform has been established for two years, and the integrity management has been well received by customers

Why Choose Us

Solve the problem of lack of security and poor user experience

Multiterminal Entry

Login purchase, no login purchase, multiple purchase scenarios let you have more choices

Sales data analysis

Sales data flow analysis, a variety of detailed data analysis display

Superhigh Concurrency

Ultra-high concurrency design, so that your users order worry-free

5 +

Mature Operating Experience

About Us

Enterprise exclusive Carmi consignment platform

It has provided tens of thousands of users with high-quality, stable and convenient automatic trading services for virtual goods

  • Register as a merchant and host the card on the platform (software registration code, game software card, virtual goods card, etc.)

  • To provide merchants with safe, convenient, green, stable virtual goods card secret automatic transaction services

  • Directly settled by the bank to the merchant, no longer have to worry about the platform circle money running away, the funds are safer

Website interaction simple intuitive optimization shopping experience 24-hour monitoring order funds worry-free


Through the account registration function of the platform, you can join the automatic card consignment platform and quickly realize card consignment

Merchants can add goods through the background, each commodity automatic card consignment platform will be assigned a purchase link, merchants as long as the link is sent to the buyer, the buyer after the payment platform automatically shipped, you can complete the transaction.

Virtual goods (such as software registration code, forum account, etc., CDK, coupon), can not sell physical goods (such as clothes, fruit, etc.)

Very secure, the automatic card delivery platform uses advanced security technology to protect the security of users' personal information, account information and transaction records stored in the automatic Card delivery platform account. The automatic Carmi consignment platform has a complete monitoring system, which can detect abnormal visits to the website in time and make corresponding security responses.

You can enter the order number and purchase contact information on the website order inquiry card or let customers contact the consignment service mall customer service for assistance.

Any amount can be settled by UnionPay directly to your bank card at around 10:30 every morning, normal settlement on weekends, no settlement on holidays

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